Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH

About us

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The company was founded in April 2003 in Germany’s “Energy”-state of North-Rhine-Westphalia under the name Solar Heat & Power GmbH as the European represenation of the Australian Fresnel collector supplier Solar Heat and Power Pty. Ltd. (later Ausra, now Areva). Better reflecting the expansion into other business fields, and the independence from suppliers, the company was renamed to Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH.

SHP Europe provides services for the authorisation process, the project development, the design engineering and the project management of solar (thermal) systems and power plants, wind farms, biogas power plants and other thermal power and co-generation plants. We conduct complete solar and wind measurement campaigns and supply PV systems to overseas markets. We also provide Carbon Management Services.

Unlike many companies, SHP Europe is entirely equipment supplier- and vendor-neutral. Hence we’re able to help our clients select the best equipment for their specific application without bias. This approach provides superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment for the projects of our customers.

As an engineering company, our technical core competencies rely on the expansive collective knowledge of our personnel. Our specific competencies result from the coordination of diverse skills and the integration of multiple streams of technology including solar thermal, biogas, wind power and conventional energy systems. We have in-depth knowledge of not only the technology but also the commercial aspects of any power plant (for instance: costing, authority approvals, environmental impact reporting and more).

Whenever possible, we seek a cost- and performance-optimal, synergistic solution between energy technology applications rather than pressing for a suboptimal, one-dimensional solution. This approach provides the opportunity for a very bright future in the energy field: our specialty are solar-thermal hybrid power plants forming the basis of cost-effective and sustainable energy supply systems.