Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH


Solar Steam for South America

On September 21st 2010 the world largest power utility GdF Suez France together with the solar collector supplier Solar Power Group Germany announced their cooperation in the realization of a solar thermal collector field project in Chile. This demonstration project will see the addition of a Fresnel collector field to the coal fired Mejillones power station about 60 km north of Antofagasta. It will deliver high temperature superheated steam to the existing power station.

Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH has delivered the solar measurement station to the plant and is conducting several engineering and project management tasks for the project. The station is already the third system for the measurement of solar direct radiation supplied to Chile.


Waste to Power

In February 2010, Thai-German Carbon Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH of Germany, secured the contract to develop carbon credits for a biogas project in the new Veerachai Nongpong Farm (a large-scale pig farm that is currently under construction). This contract, executed with VCF Group (the farm owner), marks TGC’s first carbon management project—and just two months after its company registration.

The project channels the farm’s manure volume and barn-flushing water into the biogas plant, where the materials will undergo anaerobic treament to produce immense power. Methane (which would otherwise be released to the atmosphere) is also captured and converted within the plant’s systems. Guascor biogas motors, supplied by Jiamphattana Energy International Co., Ltd. (its exclusive distributor for Thailand), will then combust the methane and generate electricity. The result? Potentially dangerous waste is transformed into a landmark source of regenerative energy.

The VCF Group, which already possesses one registered CDM project with the UNFCCC, wants to adopt a unique business strategy for the new Veerachai Nongpong Farm. In this case, the farm operator has opted to engage TGC to support the Group in all aspects of the project. This shall include all phases of the project’s process: initial conceptualisation, project assessment, project validation, verification services and brokerage of the emission reduction certificates once generated.