Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH

Solar & Wind Measurement Campaigns

  • Design. supply and erection of Measurement Stations
  • Evaluation and correlation of measured data
  • Long term performance estimations

SHP Europe provides all necessary supplies and services for the collection and evaluation of the renewable energy resource data at your project site. As needed for the respective project, this may include solar and wind, as well as other meteorological data such as temperature, precipitation or dust emissions.

We strongly recommend to base decisions on data from a measurement station located on the actual project site. Our experience indicates that data from project sites may differ largely from the public data available for that area. This is especially true for concentrating solar power (CSP) projects, as they require direct solar radiation, but which is only very sparsely measured in common weather stations. In order to ensure that your resource data is reliable and bankable, SHP Europe supplies and erects measurement stations for potential investors. We correlate the collected data with public and satellite weather data, delivering the most holistic overview of the site resource and weather situation (as well as realistic long term production projections for that particular site).

These data are essential for the feasibility study of the project, as they directly determine if the corresponding renewable energy project would be economically viable.