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Thermodynamic Modelling & Simulation

Thermodynamische Modellierung und Simulation
  • Thermodynamic Modelling
  • Component sizing
  • Simulations and Performance calculations
  • Plant Optimization Cycles

An important first step in the design of a new plant (or an add-on to an existing installation) is the development of a comprehensive technical concept and the transfer into a thermodynamic model.

SHP Europe’s service reaches from basic plant set-ups to the optimisation of cycle layouts, the implementation of technical component data, the formulation of operation philosophies, and thorough cross-checking with off-design operation conditions. We support our conceptual engineering with the thermal engineering and simulation software Thermoflex (from Thermoflow Inc.).

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For solar thermal power plants, SHP Europe provides annual performance simulations that include the integration of meteorological and solar irradiation data on an hourly basis. These simulations are an important basis for economic analysis, as they’re vital for feasibility studies, since due to the nature of solar radiation, such plants will often run under part load conditions.)